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Pricing for Services


Meet & Greet/Consultation Fees

Day School

Meet & Greet

$40  We pick up your pet and complete an evaluation at Day School. We will bring your pet home after evaluation. If your pet is approved, you will have the option to continue Day School for an added fee.

Pet Sitting 

Meet & Greet

$30  20 minute meet and greet in your home. Applied to your first booking upon approval.


$75   One 45 minute consultation on training services via phone, zoom or in person.


Doggy Day School

1st Pet         2nd Pet

Full Day Rate (8 hours) Anytime between 8am-5pm

  $60              $35

5 Day Pass

Must be used within 30 Days

  $275           $160

10 Day Pass

Must be used within 60 Days

  $540           $300

Image by Richard Brutyo


$120      Per 60 minute session Online or In Person

$275   3 Visit Package includes 1-45 min consultation and 2- 60 minute training visits. Must be used within 60 days.

$325   3 Visit Package includes 3- 60 minute training visits. Must be used within 60 days.


Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Standard Visit                        $35

Extended Visit                       $45

Customized Visit                    TBD prior to booking

Dog Walking                           $35

Transport Services                   $50/per hour

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