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Our Day School is designed to teach social skills for canines. During the day, our furry students get lots of play time, belly rubs, individual attention during walks, basic training and rest periods under close supervision. That makes our Day School a perfect place for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. All dogs must be temperament tested and complete mandatory vaccines to participate in our day school program.

We take a limited number of canines each day so that we can focus on giving our students the attention and training they need to be successful pets for their owners.  

What happens at Day School?

*Play Sessions 

It’s necessary for dogs to play like dogs, because it’s good for their spirit and physical health. Play sessions are strictly monitored and we work on socialization skills so everyone knows how to play appropriately.

*Basic Manners & Socialization

We review and work on skills such as how to calmly sit and lay down, recall, and impulse control. In addition, dogs learn how to play well with others.

*Individual Dog Walk

On our walk, we work on walking manners making your time with your dog much less stressful on your walks at home.

*How to Relax

During rest time, we work on "how to chill" and rest up for the next play round.

*Pick-up and Drop Off from your Front Door

We pick up and drop off from your front door in our Bark Bus Van or Large Bus depending on sizes of dogs. Simply meet us at your front door with your dog's food and favorite toy, we leash up your dog and guide them off to a fun day at school. 

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