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Hello, I am Constantine, I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through Karen Pryor Academy. I am the primary trainer, day school coordinator and pet sitter with Play it Safe Pet Care and Training as well as The Bark Bus. Animals are a big part of my family and an important part of my life. Since moving here from Greece, I have found training and pet care as a great way to continue my work with animals.


Having worked over fifteen years as a police officer and working/training with K9 dogs for several years I am passionate about helping clients develop a successful relationship with their loved ones. You can rest assured I will be your safe and reliable trainer, teacher and pet sitter for your everyday needs or for when you travel on vacation and/or the holidays. I can provide you with a safe, reliable and professional service that will make you and your pet(s) happy.


In addition, I have studied various positive reinforcement methods including Karen Pryor and utilize clicker training with clients. I am certified in Positive Reinforcement training with animals.  I believe that all animals deserve a fear free, positive environment to thrive and enjoy happy lives.

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Play it Safe Pet Care and Training has been in existence since 2016.  We have been providing pet care services to our clients and recently added training consultation and services after being certified with Karen Pryor Positive Reinforcement Training.


The Bark Bus, a division of Play It Safe Pet Care and Training launched in 2020 as a day care school for dogs. We take a limited amount of canines each day in order to provide a lot of attention to training, learning and socialization of our students.

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