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 Play Dates for Socialization

We offer specialized play date sessions for our clients.  Rest assured knowing your pet is getting professionally supervised socialization with other dogs who have passed our temperament evaluation.  All play date participants are required to be up to date on vaccinations.  We offer designated play date sessions for large active dogs, mid-sized and small dogs, puppies (once all vaccinations are complete), senior and specially abled dogs. No more worrying about aggressive dogs, uncontrolled or bad behavior, or exposing your dog to other dangers at the dog park.

To get started, you will need to register your pet and book an evaluation. Once approved, you will have access to our play date schedule. The drop off and pick up will be at a designated location.

Email us at for more info or to register your pet.



 What is it, when and how does it happen?


It is definitely a process that has very positive results when it happens at a young age that can last a lifetime.


Good socialization is when we provide pleasant and positive experiences to our dog in different environments. In other words, we have to create scenarios that involve other dogs, strangers (to our dog), different places and surfaces.  It goes without saying that in these scenarios we have to control the parameters to a great extent. Initially, everything is done in a completely controlled environment, without any inconvenience.


If you find yourself with your dog in a stressful environment, then the best thing to do is to move away immediately and bring your pet back to a place where your pet feels comfortable again.  There is no need to pressure your pet to think that it will get used to and adapt if you persist.  These things take time, they become gradual and always controllable. 



 What socialization is NOT 

Socializing is definitely not about leaving our dog without a leash unsupervised to play with other dogs in the park that we are familiar with.  This is very dangerous, since we do not control any variables in such an environment. So many things can go wrong in such cases.


 A common scenario that should be avoided is contact with unknown dogs without a leash and without the presence of their handler.  When we do not know the other dog, then we can not know it's intentions or possible reactions. So we run the risk of our dog biting or getting bit by the other dog, and this becomes the beginning of an aggressive or phobic behavior that may become problematic and cause other behaviors to start occurring in the home.  Many customers book services with problematic behaviors that were initiated in an uncontrolled environment and the problem grew into other unwelcome behaviors.

Email us at for more info or to register your pet.


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